Cancellation and Return Policy

As we remain prone to mistreatment & online scams, our company upholds a stringent “no return” policy. Once you place an order through our website & pay for it, “Future Data Stats” does not accept “order-cancellations.” Regarding any issues that may rile you up or bother you, please feel free to call us on the phone or mail us on our E-mail address.

Our customer representatives will revert to you at the earliest & assist you reach effective purchase-decisions. Refunds are provided, exclusively under the premise of special circumstances and at the choice of the management. In case; our industry reports lack the required data or information, we are prompted to render free services to the users.

Should clients come across transaction errors or other technical snags, they need to contact our “sales” or “client-services” team/s. This team will ensure that your transactions are done as soon as possible.

License Expiry

The management can expire the distribution or receipt of your materials/reports that cause professional harms or conflicts. On our own; we can terminate your relationship with us, given the law constraints & the business damages inflicted on us or on other esteemed firms. Our company pledges to join hands with the law-enforcement departments or the government; should there be an abuse of our terms & policies or should anyone defame us in any manner, way, or form.

Conformation with the Laws of Services/Materials

While logging in to our website, the users are required to follow our policies & guidelines in a bid to respect others' privacies. They should not be in violation of our website and should take accountability for the protection of all the laws, as stated by us. The onus of any type of content, abusing the official rules or violating the 3rd parties lies on your shoulders. Under no circumstances, will our firm be held responsible for anything similar.

Our Weaknesses

Inspite of delivering our best, our management may fall short of your expectations & have its low moments. These setbacks may, on certain occasions, prevent us from offering you our extended support. Our organization is not responsible for any of the damages or financial losses that you may witness as a culmination of untoward incidents. In contrary; we still, in our limited capacities, shall try & help you out.

Prohibitions on Cyber Invasions/Criminal Activities

The management upholds a stern approach towards cyber invasion and other criminal activities on or via our website. Intentional hackings, harassments, forgings, frauds, etc. will not be tolerated & the guilty would be taken to task; either by the cops or the concerned civil authorities. Likewise, frequent uninvited mails shall be taken care of, and reported as spam.

Website Amendments

We enjoy the right to modify our contents, including statistical figures and other things; from time to time, depending on the subsequent circumstances & industry conditions. You will have to agree with our changes and alterations, in case you wish to continually visit & use our site. Failure in doing so, could result in you being evicted from our list of regarded users. The management would certainly not appreciate your being secluded and could request you to fall in line with our amendments.

Notifications and Acknowledgment

You will be apprised of the changes within the terms & conditions of the website, “Future Data Stats” through notifications. Via the access & adoption of our official website, you conform to this purchase & license agreement.

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