Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions are a “must-read” for anyone that is desirous of purchasing our products & services. The services belong to our website, “Future Data Stats” This Company is a distinguished market research & consulting firm which specializes in selling industry reports, products, and other services. However; these services can be availed, only at the adherence of these terms & conditions.

  • 1. Client Verification - Users or customers are required to create & maintain their respective usernames and passwords. Only after these, can they actually access the confidential links & browse our website regularly.
  • 2. Products and Services - With a range of products & services adorning our official website, customers & users have to keep a track of all the changes within these products.
  • 3. User-Privacy - Confidential data registered by the clients, culminating from the use of few products or services, remains stored on safety servers. This data is never shared with anybody else, unless legal pressure is involved.
  • 4. Logos/Designs - All the designs & logos of our website are its own. They are guarded by copyright laws and anybody attempting to plagiarise or steal them, is liable to facing legal repercussions.
  • 5. Delivery - The delivery of a few market reports to the users may take a little longer than usual. In such cases, these clients are expected to keep their calm & wait patiently for their reports to arrive.