Privacy Policy

Concise Overview

The market research & consultation reports doled out by “Future Data Stats” are not to be shared with third parties. Neither can these be employed by “non-specific” publication houses. These reports specifically belong to our clients & “in-house” employees and are not to be exploited or meddled with! Moreover, this website is not answerable to being a store to erroneous figures, data, or analytical reports from “market research” manufacturers.

The broadcasting, imitation, recording, or xeroxing of these reports in any way or manner is illegal. Prior approval from the publisher is paramount to indulging in such activities. Anybody attempting the same, devoid of the requisite permission, is liable to face legal consequences; which may amount to the accused being rounded up for judicial probes. Also; in compliance with what has been opined before, people found guilty of posting slanderous comments on or against this website are prone to prosecution.

Our “Data-Gathering” Process

Whenever people or clients visit our web pages, their IP addresses are registered. We may use these addresses to manage our website & detect snags within the respective servers. IP addresses are also recorded for marketing purposes.

Our website makes use of cookies to collate user-data and recommends clients to study the “cookies policy” in advance to have an enhanced browsing experience. It should be noted that IP addresses are only recorded for generating more business and never for extracting any personal information from the users.

Customer Privacy & Services

We strongly feel that our clients are in need of privacy & confidentiality. This is what stokes us to protect their identification and not reveal anything about them to others. As we are highly professional, too, and never compromise on the safety of client-information, we keep gravitating towards better policies & regulations.

Nowadays, businesses mostly prosper on the reliability & credibility of data. We take this fact very seriously and conduct “in-depth” secondary research to cater to technical queries & gratify our clients with suitable answers. Our endeavour is to treat our users with utmost sincerity & furnish them with the necessary information.

In this process, we go to the extent of requesting clients for their contact numbers & other details. Though; we may use these details to expand our business prospects, we are committed to never adopt them at our clients' expenses.

Exposure to Private Information

We can reveal private data to the public; only at the cost of protecting our rights, operating against others' illegal activities, & obeying the law or the government. However; barring these 3 conditions, our company will never yield to any other kind of pressure or demand.

Safety Failures

With “Future Data Stats” robustly attempting to protect all user-data, we cannot guarantee that data leakage or exploitation will not occur on the part of users or third parties. In case; such hapless events transpire, we will take the case in our hands & examine the matter. In contrast, we cannot be held accountable for these mishaps & are not bound by any judiciary legalities.

Reaching Us

If you still have any concerns about the privacy policy, you can contact us at -

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