Purchase & License Agreement


We, as an eminent market research & consulting firm, reserve the rights to all of the industry data & reports presented on our official website. Our data & reports reach you, once the payments are done on your end. Post the successful delivery of these analytical reports to you, our clients are expected to comply with this purchase and license agreement.

Respecting Your Precious Commitments & Decisions!

Our organization requests you to kindly bear with our adoption policies, privacy rules & regulations, and other terms & conditions. All these are listed within the confines of our website & need a thorough comprehension from your end. Finally; if you choose to not abide by our agreement, we plead with you to not book your orders or not pay us for the same. The implementation of these rules & policies is imperative towards forwarding this agreement.

Though; we highly appreciate your buying our reports, we do not recommend you to re-supply or send these over to other users. It is a different case altogether, if you apprise us about it before making the purchase. You are forbidden from fiddling with or modifying any or all of the data/contents, upon having received the reports. Our firm has all the rights to owning its logos, products & services, and well-researched information.

License - Synopsis & Details

Once you order from our services & receive the industry reports, all our information is considered as being licensed to you. The license policies are described in details in what ensues now. These policies are devised, in accordance with the kind of your purchase & range from one market report to another. The terms, upon your purchases being done, are mentioned below.

Single-User License

When you buy the electronic copies of a part or everything of our industry reports, please be heedful that your purchases form a contractual bond between you & us. You are allowed to download & view the reports on your desk or laptops for your solitary use. While you are entitled to producing the print-outs for your own purposes, be wary of not indulging in unlawful activities that are barred in our agreement.

Enterprise License

You buying the electronic copies of our market reports binds us up & embroils both of us into a hopefully “long-term” professional relationship. Unchecked clients from your firms can download & look up the reports, only within your business premises & not outside them. The materials, products, or reports must not be tampered with; so that these are not doled out for illegal purposes. People failing to abide by this condition, could face legal consequences.

Multi-User License

With a contractual bond forming up between our company & clients, three to six users can download & view the materials/reports at their locations. Needless to remark again; the statistical data & market information should not be meddled with, or changed to the least extent. The buyers must not pull out more than five copies from their printing machines. They are also requested to kindly not partake in any sort of activities that could land them in trouble.

Purchase and Delivery

Buying our items or materials on behalf of a firm, requires you to comply with our terms & conditions. This is how you can go about ordering the requisite stuff. Online delivery, telephone delivery, physical delivery, E-mail delivery, and customization are the various options from which you can take your pick & fulfil your demands.

We also believe in providing our clients with a certain amount of flexibility. But that flexibility banks on how severe your problems are & how quickly our staff can resolve your issues, given the time-constraints. Be rest assured, our reputed market research firm boasts a team which is one of the best around the globe & works to its finest abilities to get your job done.

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